I purchased a generator for my house to keep the furnace on.

I have no idea what is wrong with the power company in my area, but our area loses power constantly. This happens most commonly in the Winter when our furnace is needed to keep both my family and my pipes warm. Some people have suggested that I purchase one of those propane space heaters that can heat large areas of the house, but my home is too large for that to be very effective. Instead, I decided to purchase a generator for my home. With my generator, I never have to worry about my furnace not working ever again. When my electricity stops working, all I have to do is start my generator. Immediately the generator powers the lights in my bedroom and bathroom, and it also runs the furnace and the hot water heater. With my generator, I don’t always have to go outside. Whenever my generator notices that there is no power, it fires up automatically. Even in the middle of the night, I never have to worry about my furnace not working. The generator was expensive, but it is worth the peace of mind knowing that my family will always be warm. The only thing that I try to do differently with my furnace when the power is off is to adjust the thermostat. Since I am running on gasoline to power my generator, I try to use my furnace less so that I am not constantly running back and forth from the gas station. If you live in an area that loses power often, you should purchase a generator, You will never worry about your furnace again.