I really am happy now

Like many other people, I don’t personally own a car.  Public transportation exists for a reason, and I feel it’s better for myself and others to utilize these means rather than pay for the upkeep an automobile requires. And it’s better for the environment.  I use buses, carpool with friends, and hire the occasional paid driver. I have an app on my phone which lets me get a driver in virtually no time at all, but I only use the app in emergencies. However the town I live in is relatively small and doesn’t have a large number of these hired drivers, so I typically get the same couple of drivers every time. And one specific driver  is not pleasant to ride with at all. She plays her beatbox too loudly. She keeps all the windows in the car open, and she doesn’t have an A/C in the car. I know for a fact that these drivers are required to have air conditioning, that a complete functional air conditioning is a required feature for cars that are used for this driving service, and yet she keeps to operating without any AC. I feel that’s why she leaves her windows down, but I can’t stand the feeling of wind blowing on my face like that. I’ve thought about reporting her, but given the fact I tend to only use the car service for emergencies so I don’t use it that often, it doesn’t seem like it’s worth the trouble, and I definitely don’t want that to ever affect my ability to get a ride when I need one. The last time she pulled up when I sent my request for a car, I made sure to leave a casual comment about the lack of air conditioning. My hope is that mentioning the lack of A/C caused her to finally get it fixed, but I’ll have to wait until next time to see.

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