I really couldn’t be happier

Many times, if you want something special, you have to make it yourself. I thought it wouldn’t hard to find a two bedroom room loft with an art studio, basement, garage and attic, but I was wrong. The places I did manage to see were not up to snuff once I took a good look around them. After a while, I realized I was going to need to draw up plans of my own to build my own house, or at least have one built for me. A lot of my friends and family work in the construction trades plus, of course, I specialize in installing HVAC systems and air ducts. I knew I could have a home done just the way I wanted. Now,  I couldn’t start with the air ducts. I needed the rest of the loft construction to be well underway before I could start on my area of it. Once the framework went up, I could start installing HVAC ducts before the drywall got hung up. I maximized the efficiency of the air duct system, trying to use as few of them as I could while placing the air vents right where I knew they would be needed the most. Instead of putting air filters in the fans for the bathrooms, I made them exhaust vents. That way the fans pull the air up and blast it outside. Smart upgrades like these will improve the air quality of the loft and make it extremely efficient. I can’t wait to get to the finish date so I can turn on my HVAC system for the very first time.

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