I really wish the air was warmer

I went to a horsemanship show recently at an equestrian center and it was a particularly hot and humid day. I went with a few other people and they warned me it would be warm but I had never been there before; There was a roof over the building and pictures of the equestrian center online looked as though there were big Heating & A/C vents along the ceiling so I thought “how terrible can it be?” I don’t know if the air conditioner was down or if it only has a furnace or what the situation was, however it was particularly uncomfortable and humid throughout the entire show! Big ceiling fans kept the air moving however, with so many people attending and with the temperature outside, it was almost unbearable inside. Then several of the horse demonstrations had to be kept brief because the creatures and trainers were overheating. I kept looking up at the Heating & A/C vents and wondering why they were not pumping out cold air. I imagine it would take a particularly strong air conditioner to cool such a big arena but I was situated directly under 1 of the vents and couldn’t get even a hint of air conditioned air. Before the end of the show, I was breathing heavy and sweaty. I can’t imagine how the performers must have felt! My group and I ended up leaving early, as did a lot of the rest of the crowd. I blasted the air conditioner in our car the whole way home, but when I got home, the a/c in my little house felt positively cold after our long, exhausting day at the equestrian center.

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