I received so much support

It had been one of those Summer seasons when it just seemed to be hot and hotter every single day. It was the type of weather temperatures where it was all the older people could talk about while drinking coffee at the local coffee shop. On what was the hottest afternoon that Summer, the central A/C at my apartment stopped working entirely. The outside component would not start up! I got in touch with my local HVAC company and in a matter of hours a maintenance man was in my driveway. After he checked this and that, the serviceman delivered some awful news. It seemed that the compressor located on my A/C component would have to be replaced. He explained that this was on the outside section of the component and was one of the first concerns that usually happen with aging Air Conditioning units. The compressor is the equipment that pushes the refrigerant throughout the coils of the unit and when air goes over the cool coils Air Conditioning is made. He had what was needed to do the repair in his van and it quickly started to function and replace the compressor. I was really  curious and went to watch over his shoulder for a few minutes then realized that I was certainly making him nervous so I went back inside! Within a couple hours he had the compressor replaced and we both could hear the return of the welcome humm from the outside component. We also noticed the cool air flowing from the air vents and cooling down my house. The HVAC employee told me that compressor repair was one of his most frequent issues. The unbelievable part was that it was far cheaper to replace the compressor than to replace the whole unit! Cheers to a long and hot but cool Summer in the house!

HVAC installer