I refused to call the HVAC company on the weekend

When my furnace broke on a Saturday evening, I refused to call the HVAC company.

My kids weren’t very happy with me because they thought they were going to freeze. I was more worried about my pipes freezing, but I couldn’t afford to pay the huge price it cost for emergency service. Emergency weekend HVAC service was even more. I knew I had problems with my furnace, for some time now. I kept putting off calling the HVAC company because I had more pressing bills to pay. My furnace has finally decided it was time to breakdown and it had to be on a Saturday night. I pulled out all of my blankets and heavy coats and I had my boys wearing their coats all day and they had electric blankets for the night time. On Monday morning, I got up out of bed and even before breakfast, I was calling the HVAC company. I told them that my furnace had quit working over the weekend. I knew that since they were calling for heavy snow, they were going to be busy, but I didn’t expect them to not be able to fix my furnace for about three days. I was hoping my boys would forgive for keeping them in the cold a bit longer. I was praying that my pipes wouldn’t freeze. The following day, they had a man close to where I lived and he was able to quickly fix my furnace. Within an hour, our home was warm and comfortable. I was so happy with the HVAC company and the technician that I gave him the cake I had baked for dinner.