I remember the first time our Heating plus Air Conditioning unit stopped working

For the first few years, while I was living in our own house, I had been severely lucky.

I didn’t realize how lucky I had been, however the people I was with and I don’t realize those things until stuff starts falling apart in front of your eyup, but for our few first years, I had had no trouble with the gas furnace or the a/c at our house.

Both of the units looked love they were aging pretty rapidly, however neither one of the Heating plus Air Conditioning units had malfunctioned since I started living there. I had grown so used to the gas furnace working consistently that I didn’t realize it at first when our gas furnace had stopped working. I noticed one morning that our condo felt cooler than it usually did during the winter. I walked over to our thermostat plus realized that it was below temperature. I figured that it must be colder outside than usual, plus I adjusted the thermostat to a warmer setting to kick the gas furnace on a higher setting, then after a few more hours, it was significantly colder, plus that was when I realized that the gas furnace really wasn’t working properly. I had no idea what to do or who to call about fixing our gas furnace. I texted our dad, plus she told me to look up Heating plus Air Conditioning companies in our area. I called the first Heating plus Air Conditioning dealer that I could find, plus they sent an Heating plus Air Conditioning specialist to our condo right away. She fixed our gas furnace plus gave me a dealer card to call if I ever had trouble with our gas furnace or a/c in the future. This was to be the first of various Heating plus Air Conditioning concerns.

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