I schedule too much at once

My husband worked as an executive in a large chain of fitness centers.  We got to travel all over the world as he helped to plan for the newest addition to their family of fitness centers.  We did a lot of sightseeing at places other only dream of. We visited small and large cities and we dined at so many different types of restaurants.  The last trip we took, we ended up going to a concert. A band that we grew up listening to in the sixties and seventies, were at the amphitheatre in this city.  It was my birthday, and I really wanted to attend. My husband paid a ton of money to secure tickets to that concert. When we got to the amphitheatre, it was ninety-five, and this was an open theatre.  As they led us down the aisle, i realized they were taking us to the VIP section. We were so close to the lead singer that I could count the sweat droplets on his brow. My husband was checking out the air vents that were on the stage.  There was pure air coming from the air vents, and they were pointing at the stage, and at the VIP section directly in front of it. While people in the back were probably going to have heat stroke, I had air conditioning blowing at me for the full two and a half hours.  The concert was amazing, but I am still bowled over by the cost of those tickets. That would have bought groceries for almost a year, but the air conditioning and the music made it palatable.

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