I should have known it wasn’t a good move to live with my friend

She has also turned out to be a pretty major party girl

My acquaintance Mary plus I have been best pals since the sixth grade. As the two of us started to get older plus had to think about what the two of us wanted to do after school, the two of us both made the choice that it would be a great plan to be roommates at school. We were actually going to the same local school, so it seemed like a pretty good idea. When I told my mother about this she did not seem as excited as I had hoped. She did not tell me I wasn’t allowed to be roommates with Mary, even though she did tell me that it was an exhausting idea. Now that I am enrolled at our school plus I have been living with Mary for a few weeks I am starting to see that my mom was entirely right. Don’t get me wrong, I adore my best friend, but the two of us are really different people. She has consistently been the type to splurge while I have consistently been more frugal. For example, no matter how cool it is outside during the Summer season she appreciated to have the air conditioner machine running on full power. Even when I would tell her to not always run the air conditioner machine plus mention that I leave the windows down to let a breeze in I would come home from class to find that the a/c machine was running. She has also turned out to be a pretty major party girl. I can’t count the amount of times I come home during a workday to find a bunch of people in our residence acting loud plus crazy. Take it from me, if you wish to stay friends with someone, it is a great plan to just avoid living with them.

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