I should just stay out of the cold

There have been times when all I wanted to do was stay inside, crank up the heater, and hide away with a good book. Those times usually come when it’s cold and snowy outside because I absolutely hate dealing with freezing cold temperatures. I consider myself very lucky because my house provides the perfect refuge from the cold. I have a fireplace in my living room, and I also have a radiant flooring system. My fireplace is nice for days when I already have wood chopped and ready to go, but most of the time I prefer to use my heated floors. They can get the house feeling nice and cozy in just a few minutes, and I never have to worry about cold spots in the house. They disperse the air so well that every single corner has warm air in it. This is a far cry from the old HVAC unit that was in my last house. It was only able to send air through the handful of air vents in the home, so I was always having to run the heater longer than I should have just so the warm air would get into every part of the house. This led to high power bills and a lot of frustration when all I wanted to do was avoid the cold. Now I have no complaints! I’m totally and completely happy with my home because I know that I can keep warm when the snow starts to fall! I say bring on the winters because I can handle whatever they throw at me now.