I should just turn this down

I absolutely love the part of the country I live in.  The scenery is beautiful. We have a variety of landscape from ocean views to fresh water springs and large lakes.  We have many evergreen trees so there is always greenery to see all year long. Many different types of wildflowers grow throughout the area. It isn’t uncommon to see fields of purple, yellow or white flowers stretching for miles.  I enjoy the landscape and always make a way to enjoy the outdoors. I’ve found many walking paths and hiking trails tucked away in the woods that are perfect for exercising. Unfortunately, the only consistent thing about the temperature during the summer is that it changes constantly.  You can begin your day, without needing to change the thermostat from the nice cool overnight temperatures. But by ten o’clock it’s time to make adjustments to the air conditioning system because of the humidity. I sometimes leave the house forgetting to make changes to the thermostat and often return to a uncomfortable, hot and stifling home. I was bemoaning my situation to my brother-in-law who happens to be a HVAC service technician and he recommended that I invest in a smart thermostat. He explained the benefits of this type of thermostat system.  He told me that the wifi thermostat will automatically adjust the temperature in my home if I’m there, away or even if I am sleeping. It can also save me money annually by analyzing my homes heating and cooling patterns. I absolutely love the fact that I can control certain areas independently since I enjoy having the kitchen and bedrooms cooler than the rest of the house. I was glad to learn about the smart thermostat, it has been a helpful tool in dealing with the constant temperature change and humidity that we experience in this area.

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