I shouldn’t have been in a hurry to replace my furnace –

I should have done a lot more research when it was time to replace the gas furnace in my home. Unfortunately, the heating system quit in the middle of January, when the outside temperature was down to twenty-six degrees. There was no way my family could go without heat. I was in a hurry to either get the furnace repaired or install a new one. Since the original heater was over twenty years old and had been threatening to fail for a very long time, I decided it wasn’t worth fixing. With the rush to get a new furnace installed, there was no opportunity to look into makes and models, read reviews for the various options or order something that would take awhile to arrive. I needed to accept whatever the local HVAC contractor had available. I assumed the company would recommend a quality furnace and properly size and install it. They definitely sold me the cheapest model on the market and simply picked a furnace of the exact same size as the old one. Over the last twenty years, I’ve made a lot of improvements to my home. I’ve added insulation to the walls, ceilings and attic.  I’ve replaced all of the windows with thermal pane, Energy Star rated alternatives. I’ve made it a point to carefully weatherstrip, caulk and seal up every crack and leak which might allow energy to escape. My efforts have significantly reduced the heat gain/heat loss of the home. The HVAC contractor should have done calculations and installed a much smaller furnace. Instead, I paid more for a giant furnace that heats up the house so quickly, it never achieves maximum efficiency levels.

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