I shouldn’t have let my sibling move in with me

Ever since my new roommate moved in my life has become so much more complicated and aggravating.

The craziest thing about it is that my roommate is my own brother! Three weeks ago my best friend and roommate of three years fell in love and moved away halfway across the country.

I was seriously glad for her, but I was equally as concerned about being able to pay for rent at my property. I was also stressed out to the maximum because it is absolutely hard to find a roommate you can trust socially and financially. After seeking for awhile I was able to have my baby brother move in with me. We regularly got along when the two of us were growing up living with our parents, however at the time I had no clue whatsoever how much he had changed. My brother has turned out to be a complete slob! I can’t count the times I have come back to the beach property to find that he has left the a/c equipment on high after leaving the beach property or left all of the lights on. I swear that our heating and cooling bills are as luxurious as corporate buildings! His habit of turning the a/c equipment on such a high level has led to it breaking down for good. He said that he would call his associate who is a Heating as well as Air Conditioning service tech to service it for free, but he has been saying that for a number of weeks now. I still adore my brother, however, I hope that he falls in love sort of like how my old roommate did and I can find a new roommate to live with.

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