I sincerely appreciate the friends in my life

To be perfectly straight with you I don’t even know where I would be without my good friends in my life.

  • Back when I moved halfway across the nation down south to pursue obtaining a school degree I knew almost nothing about the South plus nobody from here! During my first multiple weeks I was feeling totally lonely, plus as the summer season was coming along, I was also starting to feel as though I had moved to a very hot alien planet.

One day while I was out on a jog I ended up running into this incredibly nice woman who was also on a run who could tell that I needed a venue where I could cool off before I had a heatstroke. She ended up taking me to a tea shop a couple of blocks away that had some lovely a/c. As I soaked up the air conditioning machine the people I was with and I continued talking plus getting to really know one another. This kind woman went on to tell me that her name was Betty plus she worked as a Heating and Air Conditioning machine service worker for a living. My father was also a Heating and Air Conditioning machine worker before he retired a couple of years back so the two of us had some actual common ground with that topic. I certainly didn’t know it at the time, however Betty would end up becoming my best pal who honestly remains one of my number one people in this world to this day… Now that I have made friends with Betty plus some other excellent people the South finally has started to feel a lot less like a bizarre alien world, plus more like a wonderful home.

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