I still need to recharge the refrigerant in my AC

Back at the end of December, I had a tune-up performed on the gas furnace.

I was ecstatic that it all went so well.

We had a small concern with the gas furnace thermostat, but all of us updated items at honestly a little expense. At that time, the worker reminded me that I need to update the refrigerant for my A/C machine. My A/C unit uses an R32 refrigerant as well as it is going to be recalled soon. I have been dragging my feet to make the changes, but now I am almost out of time. The R32 refrigerant supply is going to stage out soon as well as I will no longer have any way to cool the air inside my home. I suppose that I need to make an appointment to get the work done soon, although I don’t really want anyone in my beach condo right now. I have been doing my best to keep pretty much everyone at bay. I have a lot of trouble with asthma as well as dust sensitivities, as well as I don’t suppose how the COVID virus would affect my ailments. I have been self quarantining for the past handful of weeks. I don’t want to allow any strangers into my home, but I’m afraid to keep waiting much longer. It’s going to be summertime time soon as well as then all of the AC repair prices are going to climb twice as high. I wanted to get the AC repair work done in the Springtime, but right now does not seem to care about being the best time to have a few AC repair workers running in as well as out of my house. I suppose I am will need to pay premium prices for the repair, but not until they find a cure for this horrible coronavirus.



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