I think I might update to a smart thermostat

I am starting to fall behind when it comes to technology. I do not usually think of myself as old or behind the times, but I may be headed that way. When it comes to new technology, I used to keep up with all the new gadgets and would buy new technology around the same time as my friends. Nowadays, however, it seems that new technology is popping up so fast that it would cost a fortune to keep up. Also, I often find that my stuff works fine, so why spend a bunch of money on the newest hot ticket item? I was recently introduced to a smart thermostat system, however, and it blew me away. I had never considered that my thermostat needed an upgrade, but after house sitting for my friend while he and his family went on vacation, my mind was changed. The smart thermostat allows you to connect your thermostat to your smartphone, and you can set each room to a different temperature. It even allows you to set a temperature schedule for different rooms. For instance, I like a cool room to sleep in but a warm room to wake up in, so I set the bedroom temperature to a cool 68 degrees at night and fixed it to automatically increase to 75 degrees by the time I wake up. This, combined with the ability to keep the bedroom’s connected bathroom to a warm 78 degrees at all times, has allowed me to have a extremely comfortable stay. As soon as my friend and his family returned, I phoned my local HVAC company and set up an appointment to get a smart thermostat system installed in my home.

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