I think I’m in love. See, I recently took a trip into the Northwest and up into the mountains for a teacher’s seminar. I wish I could tell you why it was being held in such a remote location, but I wasn’t complaining! Flying there was the more reasonable option because it was a considerable distance from my hometown. I had rarely ever been at such a high altitude, and the small town that I would be going to see was a mile or two above sea level. Since this seminar was to be held at the beginning of the summer, the area wouldn’t be getting its usual foot of snow dumped on it overnight. It was still a whole lot cooler and with a lower humidity than I had ever experienced, especially in May! I am used to heat and humidity, and needing to use a cooling system all the time. This was a major change of pace that I was perfectly content with. Air conditioning was not needed at all! The highest it got the whole time I was there was about 65 degrees during the day. It dipped even lower into the high forties at night, so I did not need a/c then either aside from circulating air or providing white noise. I did know a bit unusual from the high-altitude, but over the course of the time I was there, I eventually got used to the sensation of being so high up. Once I was used to to the heights, I have to say I almost wished I could live there! The weather was just so delightful, with practically no need for any form of heating or air conditioning. Of course, I then remembered that it was only like that because it was the summer. It's normally freezing freezing up there!

All I wanted to do was impress the neighbors.

Is that too much to ask?!


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