I thought our air conditioning system was done for

When the cooling system quit working well in our house, I thought I had to call the HVAC dealer immediately, however my husbandy commanded that I take a look at the HVAC components and see if I could spot what was going on.

  • I decided to do just that and I was horrified with what I found.

The line that goes to our outdoor air conditioning condenser unit was frozen. I went inside and checked the indoor HVAC unit and that was frozen inside when I took a look at it. With all of these frozen up components, I thought that our air conditioning system was done for. I absolutely felt too embarrassed to call up the HVAC worker because I knew he was going to tell myself and others that it was our fault. I ended up working up our nerve and I made that dreaded call. They asked myself and others to explain a little what was going on and I told them about the frozen line of refrigerant and the components that were iced up. The HVAC worker came out and he checked everything out. He came to find that it was our air filter that was causing all the chilly. He said that when an air filter gets blocked up, it doesn’t allow for enough air flow so that the air can soak up all that refrigerant. This in turn causes everything to ice up and eventually if you let it go for long enough, the chilly will make it all the way to the air conditioning condenser unit. Fortunately, he was able to resolve the issue and I had a new air filter, although he had to stress how pressing it was to never skip on air filter swings.

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