I thought that was horrible

I truly love to explore plus travel as often as I am able to.  I travel locally plus internationally whenever I have some time off from work.  If I don’t have time for lengthy international trips, I try to take local trips particularly often.  Last year, I went to a city numerous hours away with my best friends. We made the decision to take a nice trip plus explore a city we never been to before.  It was an attractive city with some amazing, delicious food. However, our hotel rooms were extremely horrible. We paid a great deal of money for our rooms, so we expected quality in return.  Instead, we got hotel rooms separate from working furnaces. It was the middle of the Winter season, so it was absolutely gelid outside. It was a legitimately snowy weekend, so we required the heating equipment to be comfortable.  Instead, the gas furnaces refused to even turn on. We called the hotel front desk to handle the unsettling situation. We thought that they would handle the situation fast, but we were legitimately wrong. We had to call many times for them to even answer the phone.  When they finally answered the phone, they explained to us that they did not have anyone on staff to handle the situation plus that we would have to put up with the brutal lack of heat until the next afternoon. To our shock, nobody came by the following afternoon to repair the furnace.  It was a legitimately frosty weekend separate from any sort of heat. We suffered through, but we tried to push through it so that we could actually enjoy the city. Despite the lack of heat, we still enjoyed the trip altogether.

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