I told him the furnace worked

Amid the extreme cold of the Winter, a few days ago I woke up shivering, and assessed  that my central heating system was down, however of course, I contacted a local HVAC dealer promptly because it’s starting to get icy outside. After the HVAC dealer by, they concluded that I would likely need to replace the oil furnace.  I had bought this condo last year with my inheritance funds but unfortunately there is not a single dime left for a repair like this. I am a PhD student and truly can’t cope financially with to the replacement of my gas furnace… But, I realized that my small guest bedroom was a bit warmer than the rest of the place. I study computer programming I have a dozens of servers in the spare room. I went in there today. I could feel that the heat released by the servers was keeping that room quite warm. In fact, it was around 69 Fahrenheit  in that small room despite it not having a oil furnace, then so I did what any modest PhD student would do, I moved my TV, bed, plus dresser into the guest bedroom so that I could sleep and study there. Of course, this won’t be a permanent solution, but at least for now, I’ll be able to sleep deeply. I need to find a way to finance a new oil furnace. I can try and ask my family for help, but they’re already criticizing me for not getting a job and going back to school instead.