I took a week to decide

I recently joined a FRAT in college and I think I am going to drop. You would think that it’s because of the insane initiation procedures and challenges but that is not the case. The Frat is great and they’re all cool people. I mean 2 of my best friends are in the Frat as well so you would think that I had all the reason to stay. However, I cannot withstand the Frat house that they have chosen and moved into. The house is a single storey 6 bedroom house. It is the main house and I have gotten the so-called privilege of living there. What I cannot take is the terrible cooling system within this house. It is just horrendous. It does not work under any condition. The other members have fans in their rooms but me, on the other hand, have nothing but an external fan that I had to buy myself. I wake up in the middle of the night sweating because I cannot take the heat. The house has no working AC. I mean is that even legal? How could someone function in a home with an AC in the middle of July? We live in Texas and this makes it even worse. In my opinion, Texas is the heat state as it is never cold around here. I think I am better off dropping the frat and moving back to a regular University dorm. Sure the dorms aren’t great but it will at least have a proper HVAC. I don’t really need much but a bed and bathroom. Just a simple living accommodation will suffice as long as it has a regular working AC and heating unit.