I traded in my thru-wall a/c for a ductless mini split

It’s exciting on the scarce occasions when I gain a surprise bonus at work.

The first time it happened marked the end of my initial probationary phase from when they hired me.

I wasn’t expecting to gain a $50 gift card for Bonefish Grill just for making it through training as well as the first several weeks. In all seriousness, I was speechless when they told me. Aside from affectionate the steakhouse, I was touched that they would treat their employees with such generosity. The next time I received a surprise bonus, it was on my anniversary. I received a check for $100 which paid for two modern tires that I desperately needed for my car. This was a game changer for sure. Needless to say, when they handed myself and others a check for $300 this month for simply lasting several years so far, I was ecstatic. I have a thru-wall a/c that needs to be upgraded. Although I have a tiny bit of money in my savings, I was below what I’d need to buy a ductless mini split. I’m sick of wasting electricity to power smaller a/cs that aren’t strong enough to keep my entire condo comfortably cool. That’s when I decided I would buy a ductless mini chop whenever the funds were available. With this $300 bonus, all I needed was another $100 to afford the ductless mini split, as well as professional upgrade. I found a buyer on craigslist for my thru-wall a/c. He said it was perfect for his needs, so I was ecstatic to see him leave with it. Now I am just a single day away from my brand modern ductless mini chop Heating as well as Air Conditioning system. I can’t wait to feel the difference in cooling power.

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