I truly love the air ducts

For the last two winters, I was consistently missing work because of headaches, sore throat, stomach pain, and flu-like symptoms.  I was visiting my doctor regularly, spent a fortune on prescription medicine, and simply felt annoyed. A close friend mentioned that some of my health complications could be the result of horrible indoor air conditions.  I did some research on the internet and was surprised by the information that I found. The air in our home is likely to be more than four times more polluted than outside air, according to the EPA,. Since I spend nearly all our time closed up inside, especially when it is cold, I was repeatedly exposed to alot of contaminants.  Since I had been in my home, I had never bothered with professional maintenance for our gas furnace. I’d never dealt with any type of malfunction and saw no reason to invest cash into it, although the gas furnace was several years old. But after studying about the chance of dust, bacteria and viruses getting reintroduced into our breathing air, every time the gas furnace started up, I knew that it was necessary to seek help from a local HVA service.  The helpful serviceman found a significant buildup of debris and dust within the inner workings of the gas furnace. His recommendation was that I invest in a ventilation system to immediately improve indoor air conditions. He explained that while our house had been tightly sealed and insulated properly and was doing a good job of preventing energy waste, it was also trapping pollutants inside. He told me that a ventilation system brings in plenty of fresh outdoor air, and legitimately reduces energy use.  The ventilator will take the used stale, outgoing air to preheat the incoming air, lessening the workload of the gas furnace. I’ve noticed a sizable difference in our comfort, health, and daily utility bills, since installing the ventilator. The ventilator was undoubtedly a worthwhile investment.

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