I trust this guy

Finals week is always a crazy time for any students in university. Most people in university are tend to put things off until the last moment, myself included. For me, being an athlete, this is especially dangerous because not only are you balancing your school work and your social life, but also your athletic interests life. Finals was coming up but for the last couple weeks I had been much more focused on training for the upcoming football season than I was on my finals work. Before I knew it, I had until midnight to knock out an 8 page paper. I decided I would work in the school library and sat at a computer and began typing away. Inside the library, the industrial air conditioner system was keeping me nice and cooled off. The a/c in the library was great,  unlike in the dorms. In the dorms the air conditioner hardly ever worked and it was always warm plus stuffy! While I was writing my paper, the a/c began to lull me a bit. Before I knew it, nearly two hours later with my drool on the keyboard. The cool air coming from the air conditioner units air ducts had knocked me out! I only had one hour left to turn in this paper now, and I still had two pages left to go. It felt just like an intense football game, I was so focused and determined to get that paper done. I ended up finishing and submitting that paper wat 11:58pm! I was super proud of myself, I’m not going to lie. I could think of no better reward for myself than finding a couch and going back to sleep in that wonderfully cool library!

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