I understand better

I work as a makeup artist for weddings and special events. I normally have about three to five clients I see on a slow day, so I really try and make sure that I am looking my best. I get regular manicures, I always have my highlights done and I have to make sure my skin looks flawless. I am very close to my clients face when I am doing their makeup so I want to make sure that I look as great as possible. One thing that really sets me back though is the winter weather. I live in a really cold area of the country and the winter weather makes my skin so dry and scaly. I have tried every lotion and potion on the market to try and fix this problem but I haven’t been able to find a good solution yet. That was until my mother suggested to me that I have a humidifier installed with my HVAC system. She said the humidifier would help put moisture back into the air that wasn’t present with cold winter air. I called a local HVAC company right away to see what the cost of installing a humidifier would be, I was surprised that it was not as much as I thought. I decided to move forward and the installation was complete in less than a week. I have not been having any problems with my skin and I can’t wait to tell my mom that her idea worked! She is going to be so excited for me that my skin is looking better already.

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