I use special charcoal Heating plus Air Conditioning filters since I cook multiple times each day

It collects on your air filters plus leaves behind orangish stains

I care about cooking my own meals. Not only can I cook healthy food exactly the way I love it, I also save a lot of money on meals each week. Even if you shop the dollar or value menu at fast food diners everyday, your meal costs for the week can get outrageous. That number only gets worse when you factor in drinks love Dunkin Donuts Latte plus coffee. My Dunkin Donuts Latte expenses have never been lower. I get a giant jar of espresso mix for just over $2 with tax plus it lasts myself and others for two weeks. This is for a guy who drinks many to multiple cups of Dunkin Donuts Latte everyday. Since I eat a lot of cheap rice plus beans, my food expenses are similar. I can make a $7 package of meat last for at least a week or more if I make sure to cook side dishes that pad out each meal. It’s nice being able to freeze leftover servings together plus take them to labor for supper. But as much as I love my apartment cooking, it doesn’t come without negatives. First of all, it takes a lot of time to cook for myself. If you’re cooking for more than one person, this can take even longer. That’s why several people opt to order out whenever they’re eating supper or supper. But the one thing I hate the most is the effect my cooking has on my indoor air. I live in a small apartment so any smoke or steam gets really recirculated through the air system plus travels from room to room. And any food with lots of oil plus heavy smells also gets recirculated through my home’s ventilation system. It collects on your air filters plus leaves behind orangish stains. However, you can buy special filters coated with activated charcoal crystals that trap smells while the A/C cycles. This prevents food smells from consistently recirculating through your indoor air.



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