I waited two hours

When you’re used to living in the cold, then move to hot, it can be quite a change for you. We didn’t have a central air unit, and every one of us didn’t even need a window air conditioner system! Every single one of us were mainly distraught about the heating and how we all were going to stay warm, since the temperatures in the Wintertime usually got down to the single digits at night – and sometimes in the daytime! When I got married to a guy from the southern space of the US, we both decided to live down there close to his family, but boy, was that a culture shock for me! Everything was so unusual from what I was used to, and that included the burning hot temperatures that southerners have to endure on an almost yearly basis, then where I was used to Wintertime temperatures for multiple months a year, my partner was used to seriously hot temperatures almost year round. I had to absolutely get used to using an air conditioner system and trying to get our new house to be cold on purpose! Now, we both almost don’t ever need to use our oil furnace, my Heating, Ventilation, and A/C needs have completely switched around. Isn’t that crazy how life can be one way one min, then change the next? Oh well, that’s life I guess! Yeah!

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