I want a humidifier

I suppose that motherhood has taught myself and others more than I have taught my youngsters… I cannot even remember what life used to be like separate from youngsters.

I would not trade my job for the world… My children mean everything to me.

My husband said that he has l earned more being a Mom than he has l earned in all the years before he became a father, then taking care of little ones is not an straight-forward job, but it is a genuinely rewarding job… Something little but genuinely helpful that I have l earned is the significance of humidifiers. I never had a humidifier growing up, and I really never even saw one until I was well into my twenties. I am sort of oblivious to things though. I observed a couple of winters ago that the house was super dry. The air was so dry that it almost hurt to breathe in. My husband and I would wake up each morning with sore throats from the dry air, and I was worried that my youngsters truly did too, so I looked up what to do about it. The first thing I saw was to use humidifiers in our study rooms. I bought multiple at first. I put one in our study room and one in the youngsters study room. I instantly observed a difference in the air. I also observed, after a few weeks of use, that we did not get as sick as usual. My youngest son usually has a runny nose all Wintertide long, but after we started using the humidifiers, he does not anymore. I adore the little hacks that I have l earned since becoming a mother.



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