I want a second chance

Whomever said that Labor Day signals the beginning of fall is crazy!  I just rode into the town on a bus that had no A/C. Well, I shouldn’t say that the bus had no cooling system, it just didn’t have really working cooling system.   Every passenger on that bus was irritated without A/C. The windows would only crack a little bit, so the two of us virtually had no fresh air. When you are stuck on a windowless bus full of passengers without A/C, it makes for a lousy trip.  I’m grateful the driver gave us the time to take a break at a restaurant that had excellent food plus A/C. Unfortunately, it didn’t help when everyone had to get back on the bus to continue our journey… At that time, while each of us were filing past the driver, I had an opening to ask about the A/C plus whether we could transfer to a different bus at any point.   He smiled plus informed myself and others that everyone would be getting that opening soon. So happily, not long into our continued trip, the bus driver informed us all that we would be meeting up with another bus that had working A/C. However, that transfer would be a few hours away. So in the meantime, all of us would simply have to do without cooling system. He also said would be getting another unscheduled restaurant stop soon, just for a breather to cool down in the much-needed central A/C.  I am sure the restaurant will still have plenty of paying customers anyway, so I am sure they won’t mind us using their A/C for a few needed minutes.

central air conditioning