I want a spot where I can set the temperature control down low

I have consistently been a moderate man.

This has been tplot ever since I was a kid, then other people would be chilly while I am consistently uncomfortably warm, then my parents consistently kept the temperature control in the house set to 74 degrees, however winter, Spring, summer, plus fall; it was consistently 74 degrees in our house plus I was consistently hot.

I hoped things would improve when I went away to university. However, I found that my dorm room is just as overheated plus uncomfortable. My mom felt sorry for myself and others plus he obtained myself and others 1 of those portable s to use but I don’t have the heart to tell his that it is not entirely an It is just an evaporator. It helps a little bit but I am starting to realize that I am going to have to rent my own locale if I ever want to be able to control the temperature control plus be comfortable. Other people dream of meeting someone, finding a nice job, plus being successful. My dream is that I will 1 afternoon have a locale of my own where I can set the temperature control down to 60 degrees plus finally be comfortable. This may mean that I need to get a nice job plus be successful but I think that I can do it, someday, I will have a nice cool house. Of course, it doesn’t have to be a house. I will settle with an house too. There is a way to search for locales to rent based on their , right?

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