I want better air quality

The cost of using the heating system in the Winter doesn’t compare to the cost of the A/C in the Summer. During the Winters we experience, I simply adjust the thermostat or throw another log into the fireplace. If it’s particularly cold, I might grab that extra blanket from the family room and relax to watch TV. I have a particularly easy time relaxing since I have hardly any electric bill to pay during the Winter! The Summer season is a different story, though. Decreasing that thermostat way down, while strutting about the house naked, just to stay cool – that’s rough! There are a few tricks I use to minimize running costs for the A/C, such as utilizing a ceiling fan in the home. That fan will help to bring the temperature down a bit, and will help to transfer that conditioned air around your house! Indoor air quality will only increase with usage of circulating equipment. Otherwise, there’s some behavioral changes that will genuinely help to improve the efficiency of any home’s Heating and Air Conditioning system. Regularly closing your blinds and curtains is an excellent practice, assuming you don’t need to see outside. If all that it will accomplish is to heat up the home, and kick on the air conditioner, why do it? Closing the blinds will help to lower the demands on your a/c unit as less sunlight pours into the home, and the Heating and Air Conditioning equipment won’t struggle to work at peak capacity. While these steps to save energy are genuinely small in the overall use of your Heating and Air Conditioning, you won’t see a savings until your a/c unit is now working at its most efficient output, so don’t forget to replace the air filter!

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