I want the newest HVAC unit

My husband and I recently found our dream home. We were so happy because we have been searching for the perfect place for a long time how. I really wanted to take our time and not rush into anything, so we have been looking for about three years now. Once we found the place we wanted to have everything inspected before we moved in. We have waited long enough that we wanted to make sure everything was perfect. We had someone come out and look at the foundation, plumbing and the HVAC system. The foundation guys said everything looked perfect, and the plumbing people said we were in good shape. However, when the HVAC inspection was going on we were quite so lucky. I guess the HVAC system in our new home had not been replaced or updated since the house was built over thirty years ago. The HVAC technician inspecting the house said that we would need to have nearly everything replaced so we didn’t have any problems going forward. We were lucky that we had enough money saved up to pay for the entire HVAC renovation. We made sure to include HVAC as a line item on our budget when planning how much we wanted to spend on a house. I am so thankful that my husband thought of this because we would have been screwed if not. We begin the HVAC renovations next week, and I hope if everything goes well we will be living in the house in less than a month!

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