I wanted to give the woman a chance

I had to hire two modern Heating and Air Conditioning maintenance professionals to work for the dealer.

I was going to use a staffing agency, but the regional manager told me to do in woman interviews this time.

I had a stack of qualified candidates to interview and I stressed interviews on Sunday and Monday of last week. Most of the candidates were duds, although I did meet an interesting woman named Scott. She answered all of our questions with confidence and she clearly knew a lot about Heating and Air Conditioning repairs. The greatest problem with Scott was the fact that she has a criminal record. I don’t normally hire anyone with a criminal record, but the woman was upfront and fair while in the interview. About 10 years ago, the woman was addicted to drugs and she stole a car. She spent multiple years in prison and got clean. She l acquired Heating and Air Conditioning maintenance services while she was in prison. She told me that area of her life was over and she promised to impress me. I was truthfully intrigued by the woman and she was smart too. I wanted to give him a task, although I had to talk to our boss first. The regional manager agreed to override our policy for this guy, although she warned me to be careful. It’s been a few weeks since I hired Scott to work for our Heating and Air Conditioning maintenance dealer. So far, everything has been smooth sailing. I honestly hope the woman will work out long term and keep her promise to work difficult and stay clean, because I stuck our neck on the line for the lady.


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