I was able to find happiness when I decided to get into the HVAC industry

This is where I met a girl that I easily fell for

I didn’t exactly have the most wonderful childhood. I was an only child so my parents really spoiled me. They were absolutely rich and we had the biggest house for miles. I know what you’re thinking, I had to have the best life with being in a rich family and being spoiled. But I was honestly miserable because I had no real friends and my parents smothered me pretty much. I couldn’t do much without them always being in my business. Nobody really wanted to be my friend and the only ones who acted like friends just wanted to use me in some kind of way. The only thing that I really loved was the HVAC zone control we had in our home. I had my own personal thermostat and I was able to adjust my room to whatever temperature control settings I wanted. When I had my fake friends over, they absolutely loved cranking up the A/C, but it annoyed me because it was both a waste of energy and it was just too cold. Eventually I just went without friends for the most part until I eventually went to school. I didn’t go to a fancy college like my parents wanted, I wanted to be treated normal for a change. I ended up going to a trade school to earn my HVAC certification because I was so fascinated with HVAC technology. This is where I met a girl that I easily fell for. She is so brilliant and she really gets me. Also, she is very similar to me and that she had parents that smothered her and she is an only child. We both are now married and we plan on owning our own HVAC business eventually.

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