I was about to call the HVAC company until my friend helped me

I’m never too gleeful when things don’t go my way.

  • Just this past weekend, I was hoping to have a relaxing time with a group of my friends.

I decided to invite everybody over for dinner plus drinks plus I even asked people to bring various dishes plus drinks of their own as well. I was totally pleased with the turnout plus everybody was having a relaxing time in the beginning. That was until my A/C equipment chose to die on myself and others in the middle of the night. I told everybody it wasn’t a problem as I checked the thermostat… Unfortunately I wasn’t able to figure out what was actually going on with my Heating plus A/C equipment. The thermostat I was looking at was legitimately blank plus I didn’t know what to do about it! Another friend came over plus said he could help me out with the Heating plus A/C equipment. When he looked at the thermostat, he laughed loudly. I didn’t really think this was a good time to be laughing when the whole night was going to be ruined… He pointed at the thermostat plus said that the screen was totally blank. I just looked at him with a blank look plus shrugged my shoulders. Then he said that meant that the batteries were totally dead. It was entirely like a lightbulb just clicked in my mind when he said that plus I instantly dashed to get some batteries. When the batteries were replaced to the thermostat, the A/C equipment fired right back on plus all of us were able to continue the get together. Everybody had a relaxing time. I thanked my friend because I honestly would have called the Heating plus A/C company to take care of this complication.



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