I Was Bombarded By HVAC Spam

When my furnace went out the other week, I made two massive mistakes.

First, I went online and spent hours scrolling through various heat and air companies, trying to find the best price.

I needed an HVAC professional to come service and repair the equipment. When I did this, the algorithm on my phone picked up on my interest in HVAC equipment. Ever since then, all the advertisements on my phone and computer have been centered around HVAC systems! I haven’t looked at anything HVAC related in weeks, but I still keep getting advertisements for HVAC servicing, cleaning, parts, and repairs. The second mistake I made when my furnace went out, was that I entered my information for a free HVAC service quote. This was arguably my biggest mistake. Not even 5 minutes after I put in my information and hit sent, my phone started ringing off the hook. I was getting calls from every HVAC company within a 50 mile radius. I wish I could say the madness stopped there, but it didn’t. When I logged into my email, I had 30 unread messages from various HVAC dealerships. I can’t explain how bombarded and overwhelmed I felt. I needed an HVAC technician, but I didn’t dare go online for any more information. Instead, I called my mom and asked for a personal recommendation. Thankfully, she gave me the number directly so I didn’t have to look anything up. I’m still deleting random emails and spam from HVAC dealerships to this day.


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