I was disappointed in the local HVAC business

Lately, there has been a surge in popularity for a certain HVAC company.

I’m not sure what it was, because they had been here awhile, but all of the sudden, I was continually seeing commercials about them, and ads on my computer, and I even heard people talking about them.

Then when my friends started talking about them, I decided to ask what was the big deal with this particular HVAC business. My friends told me they offer HVAC service at a cheap price, and some of the HVAC technicians are incredibly charming. Add this with them doing a lot of deals, and they became fairly popular fast. I was curious to try out this new HVAC corporation, since all of my friends were talking about it, although I didn’t really need anything for my heating and cooling unit. So I read about getting radiant heated flooring installed, and I thought why not. So I called the HVAC company to send out a HVAC professional to do the heated flooring. When the guy arrived, he was not what I was expecting. He mostly ignored me, and seemed irritated when I would ask questions, he did his job and all and it was cheaper like everyone said, but I couldn’t help but to be disappointed, since I was expecting so much more. Once he left, I told my friends of my experience, and they were surprised. Apparently, they had nothing but positive experiences, and my one friend was having another one of their HVAC specialists come out for duct cleaning in a week because she liked them so much.