I was getting antifreeze on my car’s window

When I bought my car, it was one of the best I could get.

  • Lately my car has been acting very old.

I guess I shouldn’t complain because I have over 200,000 miles on the old girl, but I am having a lot of trouble with her. I can’t afford to take her to the mechanic all the time, so I have been doing most of the work on my own, and I tend to take a few shortcuts along the way. Most recently, the HVAC system started acting up. I knew that the heating and the air conditioning had been working previously. You can imagine how taken aback I was when I turned on my heater and it didn’t work properly. I had never seen windows fog up when you used the heater. I decided to try turning the defrost on, but since I was still using the heating, my windows fogged even more quickly. I got out the books to my car and I went through everything that had to do with the heating and defroster. Everything I read was pointed to it being a problem with the heater, in that it was blowing antifreeze onto my windows. I didn’t have the money to fix the HVAC, so I decided to just turn it off and not use it. Without the heater, I need to open the windows to allow a breeze to come in and defog my windows. I know I am going to need to fix the heater sooner than later, but for now, I am roughing it in the cold with the heater.

Heat pump install