I was going to be just fine

It was a relaxing evening and I had the heating system really blasting. Then something happened and the HVAC system starting pushing out scorching hot heat. I tried to adjust the thermostat but it fell off the wall and broke. Then the heat just kept cranking and eventually I heard an explosion and smelled smoke. The smoke alarms were going off and I looked down into the basement and realized the house was on fire! That’s when I woke up sweating and gasping! Thank god it was only a nightmare… I rushed to my thermostat and it was just fine at its regular setting at 72 degrees. I was so freaked out by the dream that I checked over the HVAC unit carefully to make sure I couldn’t spot any problems. I figured it would be better to be safe than sorry, so I actually called up the HVAC company to have them look over my system and maybe provide it with a tune-up. The HVAC technician cleaned out everything and took care of the tune-up. He said that everything appeared to be working just fine and that I shouldn’t experience any problems. He said to just make sure to call them up in the spring so that I could get another tune-up for the air conditioning component. I figured that having a dream like that probably just meant that I was concerned about my HVAC system maintenance and I really didn’t want anything terrible to happen in my household. As long as I stayed on top of my HVAC system maintenance, I knew I would be just fine.

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