I was helping our Grandma and I hurt myself

I went over to our Grandma’s home Last yearto help her do some sorting and cleaning and I ended up hurting myself.

My Grandma has a whole home full of stuff and that includes several electric space heating systems that are kneeling around her home here and there.

I keep thinking that all of these electric space heating systems are really just an accident waiting to happen, since she has so much stuff piled up all over the arena. She has a single extra family room that is completely filled up with old newspapers, magazines, and old tissue boxes full of old bills and receipts. I guess this is just something that older people do, but every time I’m over there I try to sneak some stuff out and get rid of it for her. She never misses it once it’s gone, but you can’t let her catch you throwing it away! Anyway, I am afraid that she is going to catch her home on fire with all of that stuff plus all of the little space heating systems that she has arenad around the house. I assume that she leaves the heating systems running throughout the Wintertide because she thinks that the oil furnace that she has doesn’t keep the home hot enough. She says that she uses the space heating systems for supplemental heating, although I entirely don’t guess that the extra family room filled with all of that paper entirely needs to be heated! Of course, I don’t want to tell her how to do things in her own house, although I do worry about her and all of those space heaters.


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