I was looking into the business end of the fireplace.

My best neighbor Cal called myself and others the other week, plus he wanted myself and others to assist him with his old fireplace.

Cal had recently received this ancient home that had a substantial fireplace located in the middle of the house.

I had no system what kind of help Cal needed, however he was my best bud plus I wasn’t going to let him down by not lending a helping hand. He told myself and others he had a lot of smoke coming in whenever he tried to light the fireplace. I asked Cal how long it had been since the fireplace was used. Cal shrugged plus told myself and others a couple of years. I thought it had to be at least half a decade if the looks of the place meant anything. Cal’s wife was busy trying to get rid of at least half the dirt plus cobwebs while Cal was trying to see if the fireplace worked. I used a flashlight to look up into the chimney plus I told Cal that he may want to get rid of the fire. I could see something in the chimney plus I was praying it was only a lot of soot, however I wasn’t sure. I told him both of us may want to call out to an exterminator before lighting the fireplace again. Cal thought I was crazy plus told myself and others the chimney cleaner was going to be there in a couple days time. That would get rid of the clog in the chimney. Cal said he just wanted to service the broken hearth plus replace some bricks. The more Cal pounded on the bricks, the more I became distraught. I remembered the time when bees had built a nest in my childhood home’s chimney.

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