I was quite wrong here

After years of living in a cramped apartment, my husband and I have decided that it is time to move into a real home of our own.  We are so excited and we’ve been looking for months to find the perfect place for us. We are going to home shows every weekend, and if we seeing any openings, we stop in to look at the house.  My husband was perusing the paper the other week, and he saw there was a house opening that afternoon. He was so excited, because it was exactly in the area we had talked about living in. We loved the school district, and it would be perfect for our now four-year-old daughter.  We lived our daughter with his mom and we headed to the house. We loved the outside of the house, and my husband was in the garage, even before we went inside. The moment we stepped inside, we knew we had a problem. There were a bunch of fans, and we really wanted air conditioning.  The realtor met us at the door, and she was apologizing even as she approached. She explained the air conditioner was there, but it had broken this morning. It was oppressive in the house. She still wanted to take us around, even though I hesitated. She said the HVAC tech should be there before we left.  My husband and I both loved the master bedroom suite, and the bedroom across the hall for our daughter, had its own bathroom. But without the air conditioning, I was ready to leave. I almost cried as we opened the door, and the HVAC technician stood there and said he was there to fix the air conditioning. We bought the house the same day.