I was shocked when the A/C equipment wasn’t working

I honestly cannot believe that the A/C equipment stopped working at the restaurant where I took my date.

It really seems like something regularly goes wrong whenever I meet a wonderful girl.

It also seems like the HVAC equipment wherever I am experience trouble. When I went on a date, it had to have the A/C equipment break down. I don’t believe that there could have been a worse moment for the A/C equipment to stop working. It was the middle of the hot season, plus the temperatures were so much hotter than usual. I don’t have an A/C machine in our residence, so I knew that if I wanted to care about our evening with my lovely date, I would need to take her anywhere where there is an A/C. There happens to be an awesome restaurant in our area, but it is truly extravagant, plus you have to make a reservation to be able to eat there. I figured that if it was extravagant enough to require a reservation, it must be extravagant enough to have a great HVAC machine. When we arrived at the restaurant, we observed that there weren’t many people there. When we entered the building, I instantly could see the reason why. Without the A/C equipment, the building was completely roasting. The ovens were all running, plus the open spit of fire was toasting up the room better than any oil furnace could manage. Immediately, my date plus I considered going someplace else with a properly working A/C, but they gave a big discount. With A/C equipment or not, we could undoubtedly care about an all-you-can-eat restaurant for a sizable discount.

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