I was there for him

When I went to my friend’s house the other day, he let me know that his cat just died. I was a little surprised at that and was sorry to hear it. He actually wanted to bury his cat in the backyard and asked if I would help him. I told him I would and so we got to work with digging a good sized hole for his deceased pet. It sure was hot outside, but I didn’t complain. When we buried his cat and had a little service, I knew my friend was feeling pretty down. He didn’t cry or anything, but the look in his eyes said a lot. I told my friend that I would take him out for lunch. He said alright and we hopped in my car. I immediately adjusted the temperature control and cranked the A/C up. That cooling air flowing from the vents was feeling really nice after doing all that work with burying my friend’s cat. It’s definitely not something I do very often, especially on such a blazing hot day. Most people tend to get their pets cremated, but I definitely respected his wishes. When we got to the restaurant, I was thankful that their climate control system was working great. It was nice and cool inside. I didn’t even mind the fact that we had to wait to be seated. We didn’t talk a whole lot because I knew my friend was grieving, but at least I was there for him and was able to provide him a good meal.

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