I was very happy with that

For so long, our little girl wanted to be a professional ballerina, just like any other little girl, right? She quickly changed her mind and went from ballerina to a baker – cupcakes were her name of the game and that was how she wanted to make a living. Soon after, she decided cupcakes were out and animals were in; she wanted to be a veterinarian. She thought she had it figured it, this was exactly what she wanted to be. However, as she got older and more educated on the debt she would accumulate from attending college as well as med school, this idea too, was out. She was looking at programs at the local community college and the HVAC technician program caught her eye; but quickly she became filled with doubt about being the only female in class. Just as quickly as the thought came to her, it vanished and she began thinking this would work to her advantage. So, she has taken the plunge an is signed up for the Heating, Air Conditioning and Ventilation 101 and starts very shortly, this fall. I am beyond excited for her – she is going to love it! Maybe if we are lucky, we will have our very own Heating and Air Conditioning and Ventilation professional in the family, and maybe she even will start her own business!