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My hubby in addition to myself are Avid Hunters. Last year, we decided to go to a different country in order to hunt for some large game that is honestly not available in our country. Both of us signed up for a week-long hunting Safari, in addition to the fact that we were staying on the game lands with our instructor. Both of us honestly had no idea what to expect, but we were more than happy to find many modern amenities in that compound. First of all, we had running water in addition to a modern shower. Both of us were happy about this, because we heard a lot of horror stories about having no running water or indoor plumbing. Both of us were also surprised by the heating in addition to A/C device. Both of us anticipated a window A/C device, but the entire compound was equipped with a central heating in addition to A/C device. No matter where we were in the compound, we could feel the cold A/C coming from the air vents. There were more than a couple of people staying in the compound at the same time, in addition to the fact that we were all there for the hunting Safari. My wife in addition to myself Honestly made a couple of new friends, and we relaxed every evening with the A/C device. Both of us ended up with a nice big game trophy to take home, and both of us honestly had the best time ever. This is an adventure we will recommend to some of our Hunting Buddies.

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