I wish I could tear out my furnace and replace it with radiant heating –

My house is equipped with a natural gas furnace with a duct system.  It handles the severe weather in the area where I live, but I’m not totally happy with it.  The duct system is noisy, introduces allergens into my breathing air, and takes up quite a bit of space.  When the hot air pours from the vents, it rises straight up to the ceiling. It only falls back down when it cools down, creating uncomfortable temperature stratification.  Because of this, I’m constantly bumping up the thermostat and spending a fortune on my energy bills. The furnace also dries out the indoor air, causing all sorts of health issues and damage to home furnishings.  I wish I could tear out the entire furnace and duct system and replace it with a boiler and radiant floor heating. Instead of using air to transport heat energy, a boiler uses water. Water heats up quicker and retains heat longer, making it more energy efficient.  The boiler heats up the water and sends it through a series of pipes hidden beneath the floor. The heating equipment takes up no living space, doesn’t detract from aesthetics, and I don’t need to arrange the furniture around it. The heat is spread evenly across the room and remains closer to the floor.  It allows lower thermostat settings without sacrificing comfort. I would absolutely love to walk barefoot across heated floors in the winter. Unfortunately tearing out a forced air furnace to replace it with a boiler isn’t feasible. I’m just hoping some professional maintenance will improve the performance of my gas furnace.

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