I Wish My Kids would Go Outside Once in a While

I just had a smart Heating as well as A/C thermostat put in the hallway

I am happy I was born where I would like to continue to live and raise my family. While that is not super different as several people never leave their apartment area. But, in their cases, I think it often has a lot to do with having never been somewhere else. That is not the case in my life, as I went to university out of state in addition to spending 4 years in the military, where they shipped me like a box all over God’s green earth. Still, it was my apartment section where I decided I wanted to raise a family in addition to spend the rest of my life. I just never thought I would raise a family that are such brats when it comes to the Heating as well as A/C. Granted, our neck of the woods can be brutally hot each summer season. That’s why I put in a pool in the backyard. But still, my children are always hunkered down in the house with the Heating as well as A/C blasting all summer long. This would have been stupid deranged back when I was a kid. My childhood friends and I always were splashing in a lake, the community pool or some rich kid’s pool. We were outside playing, even in the heat of the day, we were still outside, albeit under some water and eating popsicles somewhere. It’s all I can do to get my little rug rats out of their rooms while in the day in the summer season. Well, I am going to be giving them some newfound impetus to enjoy Mother Nature. I just had a smart Heating as well as A/C thermostat put in the hallway. Not only will it be able to learn our habits in addition to thereby manage the Heating as well as A/C with the utmost precision and cost-savings, it gives me a great tool I can use. I will be the only 1 with the override ability for the Heating as well as A/C setting.

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