I wonder if an air purifier will work

After dealing with snow shoveling & frigid Winter time seasons, I decided to make a life & job change. I moved to a attractive locale with a warm temperature almost every week of the year. I have to say, getting in our car at 7am without having to dig our car out or going for an night run in January has been so good for our quality of life. I would make that same decision all over again. However, in saying that, 12 warm weeks a year means a demand for a good A/C system, then even if you only have 2 warm weeks, without an A/C idea that functions at top-notch quality, it could turn out to be the longest 2 weeks of your life! To save some cash on electricity, I only turn the air on overnight to keep me cool during our slumber; then the next day when I leave for work, I keep the air off until I get cabin & want to kneel comfortably in our cool home, then occasionally though, I have our “UH OH!” moments & forget to turn the air down when I depart our house! Which then causes me to head cabin & turn it off so it won’t be running all day without purpose! The ability to have our temperature control connected to our cell phone would save me numerous trips back cabin when I have our forgetful moments or when I am heading cabin from travel & want to come cabin to an already cool setting. In addition, when I have guests that may not suppose comfortable fussing with the temperature control on their own & would like I do it. It would resolve several evils & help keep me keep our locale in the perfect condition of comfort! Technology is ever evolving, so why shouldn’t every one of us all? Wi-Fi capabilities are everywhere; in your home, at the pop shop next door, even some cars have it! Having the temperature control connected to our Wifi connection at home, to me, seems energy & cost efficient & would assure me of a quicker cooling room; Saving red everywhere.

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