I won’t ever look back

I recently decided that it was time to find a hobby out near the city where I was actually residing. To be completely Fair, many people consider the city to be the best place for actually residing. I decided to move to a tiny Hamlet with a very small population of about 600. I lived in that area for about 9 years, before moving into the heavy Lee populated area. I decided to move back out to the woods plus by plus older shot to help out. The shack is located about a mile away from the nearest road. It’s very quiet plus secluded, plus the void of most other humans. The Shack doesn’t really have any running water, gas furnace, or even A/C. This old shack doesn’t have many modern conveniences. I had to make a few changes to the old shack, in order to make sure that it would be good enough for me to live in full time. That meant making sure that our heating + A/C machine was always going to task. I’ve found myself to be actually satisfied with living numerous miles away from the city, now that I have upgraded to central heating + AC. With running water to help, there is actually barely any reason for me to return back to any type of civilization. I’ll stay out here with my central heating + AC, + Babbling Brook in the background. That’s my type of living plus I certainly believe this is the numerous place I need to be at this time.

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